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The 2017-2018 Executive Council

The Executive Council is elected by the members of the Society, trusted to ensure the continuity, proliferation, and advancement of SOCS. We represent and advocate on behalf of off-campus students.



Hey everyone! My name’s Rhea Desai and i’m stoked to be your SOCS President this year! I’m in my third year of Honours Biology and have always been interested in the science behind life. I’ve been involved in SOCS since my first year at Mac so i’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with all of you this year. Besides what I do at school i’m really into music! I’ve played piano since a young age and love discovering new music whether it be through a friend or by rummaging through old records. I hope to work with many of you this year to address any issues you have and throw events that interest you, all while continuing the growth of our society. I hope to see you all getting involved with SOCS this year! #litty

Contact:       💯

My name is Jillian Kew and I'm your VP Administration this year. I'm in my second year of Honours JPPL, minoring in Religious Studies with a focus on Eastern Asian religions. I've been involved with SOCS since my first year, but it's never too late to get involved! My interests include my dog, bullet journaling, and baking (hmu if you need a cake).

My goals this year are to improve the society newsletter and increasing voter turnout to SOCS elections. Most of what I do for the society is behind the scenes, some of this being keeping minutes, maintaining this website, and organizing elections, but I hope to collaborate with SOCS members to shine some light on the creative side of administration!

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Hello all, my name is Christopher Huynh and I'm your VP Finance! I am currently in my 2nd year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and have been involved with SOCS since my first day here at Mac! I like peanut butter straight from the jar, 3am life chats, and monkeys. My goal this year as VP Finance is to establish and further develop relations with local businesses and build a solid foundation upon which the society can use to flourish in years to come. I will also be working together with the other members of exec to bring you awesome events year round. Let's make this year #litty!





My name is James LeMoine and I'm in second year mechanical engineering. I'm interested in sports. My favorite sports are basketball and soccer but I enjoy playing all games even when I'm not good at them. I love the teamwork that sports let you achieve and the connections you make being a part of a team. I encourage everyone to come out and play with SOCS no matter your skill level because we all want to have fun and play together!



Hello, my name is Carlos Barba and I’m your VP Education and Community. I am in my third year of Honours Biochemistry. SOCS has been a part of my life since my first year and I am very excited to be a part of the executive team this year. I look forward to working with all of you to further develop our beloved community!



Vice 🎥President Promo

Hey guys! I'm very excited to be your VP Social this

year! I'm currently in my third year in the

BioPhysics Program here at Mac, and this'll also be

my third year involved with SOCS. My ideal date

would be pizza and ice cream.. on you Just teasing..

I'm a TA here so I'm pretty loaded.. and can offer a bunch of valuable skills to this position hehe
This year my goal is to get as many people to attend and get involved with our events as possible by organizing a lot more
lowkey events and events up the mountain (waterfall hike maybe?)
So make sure to come out to as many events as you can so I can meet all your beautiful faces!


Hey SOCS! From a little suburban city called Brampton, who loves to chew Dentyne gum and spend most of her time on social media... it's your girl, Anna K Verdillo! Level 2 Combined Honours Communication Studies and Multimedia. You already know what it is! Rain Drop, Drop Top, Anna's gonna get that Promo hyped up. I can't wait for this exciting new year with the litty team. Make sure to look out for the fresh promo on every multimedia platform and get engaged! (PS- Follow SOCS on social media IG/Twitter: @socsbeaver). Mission Vision: to extrapolate and expand SOCS locally, nationally, globally. Stay Gucci!


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