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Official Documents

Disclaimer: if there has been an injury, physical or sexual assault please immediately seek help through the Police,  Human Rights and Equity Office, Security Services, Ombuds Office, and/or the Wellness Centre (if applicable).

If there is a complaint that addresses physical or sexual assault it will be reported to appropriate avenues such as the Police, Human Rights and Equity Office, Security Services, Ombuds Office, and/ or the Wellness Centre (if applicable). The SOCS Exec will comply with said avenues to ensure the safety and well being of the individual who uses the complaint and feedback form.


1.   The confidentiality of these forms will be strictly adhered to.


2.    A SOCS Feedback and Complaint Form must be used for the feedback and complaints regarding Events, Programming or Actions of SOCS executive or reps at or away from events.


3.    This Feedback and Complaint Form must be submitted to the SOCS President or VP Administration no more than twelve (12) weeks after the SOCS Event, Programming, Action or Occurrence in hardcopy and/or soft-copy.  If this deadline is not adhered to, please proceed to use other avenues to ensure that your voice is heard.


4.  You can access these forms via google docs which are posted on the socs website  which will be monitored by the President.

5. The socs president or admin will review and resolve all complaints filed and will try to adhere to the requests of those who use the feedback, injury and/ or complaint forms on a case by case basis.

The Society of Off – Campus Students strives to uphold the highest vales in its operations an in its Representatives. Adherence to the SOCS Leader Code is a commitment that all student leaders must meet when the agree to accept the opportunity to serve as an Off – Campus Orientation Representative. As a member of the Society of Off – Campus Students and the McMaster Community, I am committed to setting the highest possible standard of behaviour and modelling this exemplary behaviour for my peers.

Off Campus Applications 2016

McMaster SOCS Reps are expected to abide by all university guidelines throughout the duration of their contract. Applicants must be full time under graduate students, enrolled in 18 units or more during the year they are representatives of the society. All successful applicants are expected to continue engaging with First years and acting as mentors even after Welcome Week is over, as contracts are valid until the 1st of February in 2017. This is a long-term commitment, and we encourage all our reps to stay committed and ensure first years have the best experience throughout the entire year!

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