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The End of Welcome Week Rep Applications

As many know, it has been a very intense month regarding welcome week applications. With over 180 applicants this was the most amount of applicants SOCS has seen over several years. Now as the end draws closer, it is time to reflect on the many challenges and successes of the interview process.

Online Applications

Length: The written applications were available to access for three weeks. It was promoted on facebook, snap chat, email and was available on the SOCS webpage.

Accessible: This online version was an easier way for applicants to obtain and submit their applications.

Environmental: SOCS was able to save approximately 360 sheets of paper and reduced our carbon footprint. (assuming 2 pages per 180 applicants)

Blinded: The written applications names were replaced with number ID's so that the executive team was not able to identify applicants and bias was reduced.

Creative Component

Individuality: because there are many different ways of expressing one's self this creative component was to show your individuality within the SOCS community.

Community: Some of these creative components were collaborative with friends inside and outside of the community we were able to see the beautiful collaborations within this community.

Diverse: The SOCS executive team allowed for a diverse amount of creative pieces from, paintings, videos, memes, drawings, live performances and written piece OH and food ;)

In Person Interviews

One on Ones: This was used to see a deeper side of you, a chance to show your sensitive side and how you can apply yourself as a SOCS rep.

Group: Since Welcome Week is all about that group life we looked for leaders, supporters and mediators to see how individuals act within group settings through supporting, listening, and validating each other.

Break station: Understanding that this was a late night, some time to rest and mingle with each other was used to help you out.

Accommodated interviews: Because of different situations, we had accommodated interviews that asked a series of questions similar to those in the in person interviews.


Was a total of 12 hours for the executive team. We have signed confidentiality agreements to not disclose these sensitive matters outside of the executive team so that opinions and thoughts were freely expressed between exec members. Exec members were allowed to abstain from individuals however were not allowed to to stay in the room as these deliberations took place. Out of respect through this hard process please do not ask the executive team what happened during deliberations. If you wish to discuss your application please email the planners, admin, or the president.

Overall Thoughts

As the comments come in, the exec team is very pleased with this style of interviews.

This allowed for more time to get to know you, and for you to know each other.

It was fun and insightful, and a lot different, from previous years (for the past 3 years they were individual interviews only).

Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated.

Good luck for the applicants this year, again it has been a very intense process with such a great pool of applicants. We encourage all applicants to continue to be apart of the community because more opportunities will come about.

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