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SRA Critique and Policy Changes

During the March 20 SRA (Student Representative Meeting) meeting several things went down.

1) A motion to introduce a sexual violence policy was not passed.

2) A motion to introduce a landlord rating system was also, not passed.

I was present during these discussions and I felt disappointing with the SRA for not passing these.

Though I did not speak during the sexual violence policy debate I felt that SOCS needs to take their own actions.

During the summer I will be updating the constitution and policies.

I will introduce a sexual violence and harassment policy as well as a protocol to guide and lead SOCS and members through issues because currently, there is none.

Regarding the landlord rating system I am furious.

I was prepared to speak on the issue however, a call to question was passed (meaning the SRA voted to stop the debate and vote) and I was not given the chance to speak.

I personally felt that the debate was one sided and that the motion was passed ignorantly with little to no consultation from the Society of Off Campus Students or the Off Campus Resource Centre.

After (basically) wasting three hours, I left the room very upset- I am glad that the SRA members who new me reached out to me and validated me- thank you.

Here is a link of my brief points to this issue:

The fight continues to represent off campus students.

To continue MSU VP's (Vice Presidents) are being voted on.

Please reach out to your new SRA members and tell them to vote for the individuals that you feel represents you.

I would like to add in personal support to Miranda Clayton and Christine Yachouh for personally contacted me about SOCS and Off Campus Affairs.

Than k you for reaching out to me to discuss issues surrounding your platforms.

See you guys tomorrow for our cootes hike and later on the week for our stress busters and study rooms!


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