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Intramurals you say?

The Society of Off Campus Students strives to be accommodating of all its members, both in its programming and in communication. Athletics is a major component of the SOCS community where proper communication is key to success. In the past, Facebook groups and the SOCS Beaver IM Leagues account have been used to communicate and update members on what is happening with intramural sports, as well as to promote social athletics events. However, many members rely solely on our website for information.

How to join: Make an account on Confirm your email Signup for above teams fill out the players quiz (super easy) show up and have fun

OR FB// SOCS Intramurals and Fitness 2016-2017

Soccer Sign Ups:

Inner Tube Waterpolo signups

Ultimate Frisbe

Here is a link to the schedule for intramurals :)

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