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SOCS Intramurals

The Society of Off-Campus Students strives to be accommodating of all of its members, both in its programming and in communication. Athletics is a major component of the SOCS community where proper communication is key to fun and successful sports! All skill levels are welcome, as we are registered in "play-fun"! As all SOCS members are able to participate, we would love to see you come out and play, even if it's just once!

Fall 2019 Sports: (SEASON COMPLETED)

Volleyball: (Location: Sports Hall)

  • October 4, @ 8:15pm

  • October 25, @ 9:45pm

  • November 1, @ 8:15pm

  • November 8, @ 9:00pm

Soccer: (Location: Track Field B)

  • October 5, @ 5:00pm

  • October 26, @ 6:00pm

  • Playoffs TBD

Ultimate Frisbee: (Location: Track Field B)

  • October 6, @ 7:00pm

  • October 27, @ 7:00pm

  • Playoffs TBD

Winter 2020 Sports: (SEASON COMPLETED)

Ultimate Frisbee


How to join:
1. Make an account on
2. Confirm your email.
3. Sign up for the above teams (Search "SOCS").
4. Complete the player's quiz.
5. Show up and have fun!


If you have any questions or would like to join, email your VP Athletics, Manpreet Chopra, at!

Interested? Join the 2019/2020 SOCS Intramural Sports Facebook group for updates:

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