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Pair of SOCS Mentorship Program

Allow us to help you find your missing SOC(K)S! This program is made to help provide a service to first-year students that will help them transition into university life, connecting them to upper-year students in the same or similar programs & life-style! First-year is always a stressful transition academically and socially. Living off-campus can make first years even more stressed! So SOCS is here to help!

How you meet with your mentor/mentee, and how frequent, is up to you! We encourage mentor/mentee meet-ups during or outside of SOCS events!

The advice can range from course selection, study tips, notes, campus and commuting information. There will always be someone you can ask for help from! As well, this pairing can help socially introduce first-years to friends, and make them feel comfortable in attending events!

If you are interested in signing-up as a first-year or an upper-year, contact your VP Education & Community Sara Ouarzazi at! Registration has been extended!

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