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Governance of the Society of Off-Campus Students

The Society of Off-Campus Students is an autonomously operating not for profit organization within the McMaster University community. We are currently overseen by the Provost and Vice-President Academic of McMaster University, David Wilkinson, and the Associate Vice-President (Students & Learning) and Dean of Students, Sean Van Koughnnett.


Our operations and programming are subject to University policies and we strive to comply with all University policies and procedures. SOCS events and programming are approved through the Environmental & Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS) risk management and insurance procedures as well as through the SOCS Programming and Event Planning Package.


Internally, the Society of Off-Campus Students is operated in a democratic manner. During the month of January, seven executives are elected to operate and guide the Society: President, Vice-President Administration, Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Athletics, Vice-President Education and Community, Vice-President Promotions, and Vice-President Social. The Executive term lasts for twelve months from February 1 to February 1. To have a right to vote in the elections of the Society of Off-Campus Students, an undergraduate, graduate, or alumni student must purchase a membership. Memberships are valid for the Academic year in which they are purchased.


Members, Representatives, Executives, and hired members of the Society of Off-Campus Students are bound by the SOCS Constitution and respective Operating Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures. Elected or hired members of the Society may be recalled during a General Meeting of the Society or forced to resign by the SOCS Executive, should they act in contravention to the Constitution or fail to adequately complete their duties.

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