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The First Two Weeks!

Hey SOCS fam!

It's been a really good to start a new and fresh executive team. The New Exec team Consists of devoted, different and passionate individuals:

Matt- VP Athletics

Oya- VP Community and Education

Ethan- VP Social

Natalie- VP Promo

Shaveta- VP Finance

Dylan- VP Admin

Anna (Myself)- President

Along with the Executive we have our new Welcome Week Planners Cheryl and Amanda working with SOCS and the OCRC (Off Campus Resource Centre). Check out their bios!

With our first two weeks we have:

Had our transition meetings

Continued athletics : Check out the Facebook group!

Set out our rep applcaitions (due Feb 26) Check out the application details here

Restructuring our Rep Inverviews.

We have set office hours however because there is an error we will be fixing them by the end of this week. Our office hours will include either being in the office (two hours) and in clubspace (one hour)

For the next two weeks expect to see finalized location of the rep social, changes to the website and more!


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